Sunday, August 21, 2011

3K Fan Giveaway WINNERS!!!!!!

Thank you again to all the wonderful boutiques that provided the great prizes for all of you!!!  I hope all the boutiques got many new fans, and all the fans found a whole bunch of great new boutiques to purchase from!!!!

So, this is what you've been waiting for!!!  I have tried to provide email addresses that were listed in the winning comments.  VENDORS - please make sure the winners are contacting you from the email address provided or by the name provided.

WINNERS - It is YOUR responsibility to contact the boutique for your winnings!  You have 48 hours and then the boutique may contact me to draw another winner!!

Thank you again to EVERYONE involved!  This has truly been amazing, and I hope that now that I have over 3000 fans, that all these families and kiddos in the photos I post will get lots of supporting comments about their photos!!

The comments on the photos I post is what makes me post as many as I do!!!  So keep up the comments and I hope you love your winnings.  For those of you that did not win, I apologize, but stay up with the page....I'm sure we will have another type of contest soon!!  5000 is not that far off! if you click on this link, the winners will be listed by the vendors and their photos!!!

Thanks again everyone!!!

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